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10 Ideas For Finding Your Own Walden in a Digital Age

Thoreau famously retreated to Walden Pond to spend a two years living deliberately, “to front only the essential facts of life”.  The popular image seems to be one of a reclusive Thoreau, far removed from any signs of civilization. Yet … Continue reading

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Alone Together: Book Prompts Reflection About Our Digital World

“If Facebook were deleted, I’d be deleted…All my memories would probably go along with it.” Sherry Turkle gives us much to worry about in Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other But the above … Continue reading

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Of Dads and Baseball

Baseball was always an important source of bonding between my Dad and me. I wrote this piece long before B’s first t-ball game…Interesting to re-read it now and think about how our boy has grown into a very serious baseball … Continue reading

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New Year Green Lights

So thousands of New Year’s resolutions will be made over the weekend, with great intentions. We know many will be broken. Not to say I won’t make a few, but I do think there might be better ways to launch … Continue reading

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