Easily Switch Between Instagram Accounts

Were you excited to learn you can easily switch between Instagram accounts now? Yes, me too! This posts breaks down the simple steps for switching between Instagram accounts on your phone.

Image by Lotus Carroll, Creative Commons sharing license.

Image by Lotus Carroll, Creative Commons sharing license.

I was excited to learn that you can now easily switch between Instagram accounts. I happened to hear about this from a teen during a social media workshop we were doing recently. I wanted to share this news here on my blog, and show how simple it is to toggle between different accounts on Instagram with the new features that they have added.

Up until recently, Instagram has been in stark contrast to other social media services where it is easy to switch between accounts. For instance, on Twitter I can easily choose which account to tweet from when tweeting from my phone; and can use a service like Hootsuite to choose an account to tweet from on the desktop.

By contrast, to switch from my personal Instagram account @davidbcrowley to the Instagram account for our nonprofit @socialcap, I would have to logout of one account and sign into the other. Of course, that means you have two passwords to remember and type in correctly on your mobile device. If you thumbs and password recall is similar to mine, you would run into the trouble I did switching back in forth. Basically, I wound up using the @socialcap account less and less, and mostly Instagramming from my personal account, mixing some @socialcap related content in with my pictures of food, family and nature.

Now that it is easy to switch between Instagram accounts, I anticipate we will be generating a more regular flow of Instagram content for Social Capital Inc.

How to Switch Between Instagram Accounts

Ok, so I promised you that it is now easy to switch between Instagram accounts. You might well be able to figure it out on your own, but let me break it down for you to make it even easier.

To start out, I am logged into my personal @davidbcrowley Instagram account on my phone, checking out recent photos from accounts I follow, and gleaning insights about the NCAA March Madness brackets. To switch to another account, you must first click on the profile photo in the lower right hand corner (presumably you will see something other than my face in the lower right hand of your screen).

switching between Instagram accounts, step 1.

This takes you to your profile screen. From here, click your account name in the top center of the screen.

switching instagram accounts screen shot.

This option gives you a drop down menu, allowing you to toggle easily between Instagram accounts.

showing how to switch between Instagram accounts

Use the dropdown menu to select the account you want. I had already entered password info for @socialcap as well as my personal account to my phone. If you need to add another account at this point, simply choose the “add account” option to enter the details for that account. But if you already have a second account in your phone, you can simply select that to switch right now.

switching between Instagram accounts demo.

Boom, there we are! In about 5 seconds or less, you are ready to post and engage via your other Instagram account.

For those of us who are managing multiple social media accounts, this ability to switch easily from one Instagram account to another is a big help! Hope you found this useful and enjoy this feature.

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