Cape Cod Summer Haikus

Wow, it’s been over a year since I’ve written on this blog! I’ve been focusing my blogging energies over at Cooking Chat, growing the readership and generally improving the quality of the blog. Oh yes, and I published my first cookbook, Collards & Kale.

Strolling along to Chatham’s lighthouse beach this morning on a family walk, Jodi mentioned how for awhile I was very into writing haikus and other poems. I explained to Brendan about the format of a haiku, and then we set about collaborating on some. A fun family activity! See the three haikus from our walk below.

strolling along a Cape Cod beach can inspire poetry, including some fun haikus.


***Ocean Breeze

on our way to the beach

scent of the ocean wafts by

thorn attacked Brendan!

***Summer Sun

summer sun beats down

shells glisten amidst the hot sand

Brendan goes on fire!

***Fire in the Valley OK, I did this one solo:

fire in the valley

flames leap branches crackle and burn

rain falls and sizzles

This was fun! Still pretty focused on the food blogging, but will have to pop over here to write a bit more often.

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