Twitter Tip of the Day: Engage with the Engagers

three friends at an eventWant to get more engagement on Twitter? Make sure you’re connecting with those that already engage with your tweets. It’s easy to get caught up thinking about how to get noticed by some influential user we’d like to have share our content, but we must take care not to neglect those loyal followers that are regularly retweeting and otherwise interacting with us. If we take them for granted because they have modest following numbers relative to some Twitter celeb, they might well go away.

Tip: If I’m looking for some content to read and share, and nothing in my stream is catching my eye, I’ll look back and see who has RTed me, and check out what they have been tweeting.

Typically, those who are finding my content interesting to them are going to be tweeting other things that will interest me. This isn’t rocket science, but I suspect many people don’t practice this. I’m very often asked:

How do you figure out what to tweet?

This often comes in response to my suggestion that to have a meaningful presence on Twitter, one should strive for at least 3 to 5 tweets per day. Many people are then perplexed about how to hit that number, thinking that means they need to come up with 5 original, insightful and clever pearls of 140 characters or less wisdom every day. Nah! Check your “Interactions” or “Mentions” feed, see who’s there and then check out what they are tweeting!

Look what I got when practicing this! In my interactions, I noticed @OneBrickMelissa had retweeted my Anne Frank quote tweet, and recalled she’s also engaged with other tweets recently. So I went to see what else she was tweeting about, and low and behold, the most recent tweet was highly relevant to me. So I scheduled retweets of the above tweet from two accounts–@davidbcrowley and @socialcap–and when I finish this post, will read the article more closely and likely generate at least one more quality tweet. So by engaging with someone who has shared my content, I’m finding some more great content to share, and am about halfway to my recommended tweets per day.  And Melissa will also know I appreciate what she is sharing!

Do you have a great Twitter tip to share? Would love to hear about it!

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I'm a proud Dad and husband living in Woburn, MA, just north of Boston. I've created my Wordpress site as a place to put together and share my many diverse interests. These include my work at Social Capital Inc. (, my passion for good food & wine that I share at Cooking Chat (, poetry and photos (often inspired by the beautiful pond we live near), and my exploration of new places and ideas. In addition to those two websites above, here are other places you can find me online: Twitter: @socialcap (related to my work, most active handle), @davidbcrowley (general), @cookingchat @DC_Woburn (of local interest in & around my community, also what I use for FourSquare) Google+: David B. Crowley LindedIn: My profile Facebook: Email: davidbcrowley AT OK, I think that about covers it for now!
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4 Responses to Twitter Tip of the Day: Engage with the Engagers

  1. David,
    Great tips (and it sounds like they are really working for you on Twitter, too!) I have a practice of always following back anyone who talks with me, mentions me, or RTs me. That’s also a good sign that the person wants to engage with me.

    Two tips I’ll add for finding both content and people who engage: 1.) Take part in a Twitter chat and 2.) Follow a hashtag relevant to you. I find that those who take part in a Twitter chat regularly are also the same ones who are more than interested in engaging with others.

    • David says:

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your ideas, Debra! I go through phases where I do more Twitter chats, haven’t participated in awhile. Do you have favorites you’d recommend?

      • I like the #commbuild (nonprofit community builders, very focused on online communities) chat a lot, Tuesdays at 1pm ET. There’s a #npcons (nonprofit consultants) chat also, once a month at 4pm ET but can’t remember which Tuesday. I’ve heard great things about #fundchat (fundraising), Wednesdays at 12pm ET.

        Would love recs of others.

  2. David says:

    Might have to check out #commbuild! I think I’ve dipped into #fundchat a bit, too. I’ve actually done Twitter chats a bit more related to some other non-work interests: #winechat (Wed evenings) and #DadChat (Thurs evenings).

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