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Focus in an Age of Distraction

There’s no small irony that I lost track of the trail hiking down Mount Watatic as I was pondering the Innovation HUB show “Our Multitasking Romance” on WGBH Radio. I’d been listening to the discussion, hosted by Kara Miller, about … Continue reading

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Sunrise, Sunset [#nature photos]

My early morning walking routine means I capture more sunrises than sunsets. Both of these are taken at Horn Pond, Woburn, Massachusetts. The one above is a sunrise shot, with a heron taking off across the pond. (chasing the ducks, … Continue reading

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I originally wrote this on my Social Capital Inc. blog┬áduring the height of the 2011 protests in Egypt. Reading Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom was interesting in this context. I re-published last year of the Fourth of July. Interesting to look at … Continue reading

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