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Mist Rises [Haiku with photos]

shrouded in dense fog I forge ahead as sun breaks slowly mist rises

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In Defense of Food–and Community [Food Day Post]

Little did I know as I was rounding up ingredients for a locally focused meal last night that today is Food Day! As described here, Food Day intends to highlight the importance of healthy, affordable and sustainable food. We were … Continue reading

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How to Remove Silly Putty from Your Kid’s Hair

When sharing parenting tips here, I’d rather be talking about things like how to instill a love for reading or how we can teach life lessons through tasks that need doing. But alas, as parents we sometimes have more pressing concerns … Continue reading

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We Ourselves Must Be the Change…

“We ourselves must be the change we want to see in the world.” I’m a big Gandhi fan (is anyone not?), and this is one of my favorite quotes, so I’m glad to see it cited a lot on and offline … Continue reading

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10 Reasons I Tweet [Twitter Tips Day 1]

I downloaded Becky Robinson’s ebook, 31 Days of Twitter Tips, shortly after it came out this summer.  But summer with vacations and work crammed into the times I was here didn’t seem conducive to starting Becky’s daily tips. Settled into … Continue reading

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