Using Social Media to Deepen Our Experience

Sure, social media can make us distracted at times. But I’m convinced it helps me be more present and mindful of the world around me.

On a recent morning I set out for a walk in a light snow. Not enough had come down to give it that snowy-day beauty. Instead it was a rather nondescript gray day, with just enough snow to get a bit wet.

But my new habit of snapping photos during my walk had me look past the gray. I’m looking more closely for something interesting, with an eye to sharing them via my Foursquare checkins and perhaps a tweet or blog post later on. I pause, and notice the droplets of water clinging to a branch.

Another day, I was struck by the way the afternoon shadows were cast over the ice and snow.

Horn Pond lies right outside our doorstep. I took swimming lessons there growing up, and have walked around it hundreds of times. It would be easy to take for granted; I have sure done so many times. But capturing and sharing this special place through social media has deepened my appreciation for it.

Whether it’s a darkening winter day, or the brilliant colors of autumn…

enjoying the beauty around me!

We pass but once through this world. Yes, depending on how it’s used, social media can distract us from the people and world around. Or, it can be a tool that helps us pause, appreciate, and share the many forms of beauty there are to behold. 

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I'm a proud Dad and husband living in Woburn, MA, just north of Boston. I've created my Wordpress site as a place to put together and share my many diverse interests. These include my work at Social Capital Inc. (, my passion for good food & wine that I share at Cooking Chat (, poetry and photos (often inspired by the beautiful pond we live near), and my exploration of new places and ideas. In addition to those two websites above, here are other places you can find me online: Twitter: @socialcap (related to my work, most active handle), @davidbcrowley (general), @cookingchat @DC_Woburn (of local interest in & around my community, also what I use for FourSquare) Google+: David B. Crowley LindedIn: My profile Facebook: Email: davidbcrowley AT OK, I think that about covers it for now!
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2 Responses to Using Social Media to Deepen Our Experience

  1. Thanks for this post, David. I find that, for many people, just the idea that they might later externalize their internal experiences promotes in-the-moment reflective practice. I still have an academic paper to write at some point–or perhaps an entire book–about how the expectation of sharing something later on social media, similar but not identical to the expectation of sharing something later in a diary or a journal, or a phone call to friends or family, promote the sort of reflection-in-action in a person’s current situation. This sort of reflection, similar in a way to the concept of mindfulness, is an important part of a person’s daily living, and practice. Donald Schon wrote about this concept quite eloquently in his work, which i would highly recommend:

  2. David says:

    Thanks for the thoughts, Christian. True that what I was talking about is part of a more general concept, that thinking about what one might share about experience helps one pay more attention. The medium through which one anticipates sharing it is secondary. For me, taking more photos and sharing (which I am apt to do with a handy device in pocket) has helped me develop a keener eye for the little details.

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