Posts of the Week: Patriots Send a Super Message

Hmm, post of the week? Gotta tie it into the Super Bowl, with our local New England Patriots in the big game!  I’m a fan and will be pulling for the team, but I don’t have any great insight to add about the game itself. Instead, I’m highlighting the important role the New England Patriots and the Kraft family that owns the team plays in our local communities, particularly through the example set by the late Myra Kraft. I elaborate on this over on the Social Capital Inc. blog, where we have the pleasure of working with Boys & Girls Club CEO Josh Kraft.  Here are two great posts on this theme:

-“Community Service Key” A article about a talk Josh Kraft gave on the role of service for the Patriots and the Kraft family, including how these values were instilled when he was growing up.

-“MHK Inspires Patriots Super Bowl Bid” A touching Curt Nickisch WBUR piece about how the memory of Myra Kraft has inspired the Patriots this year. It’s important to note when people say “Myra Kraft was very philanthropic”, it doesn’t mean she was simply giving lots of money away (not that there’s anything wrong with that!). Rather, she lived up to the origins of the term “philanthropy”, as a true “lover of humanity”. She got personally involved in the lives of those in need as part of her charitable. And, when the Krafts bought the Patriots, Myra took a very personal interest in the lives of the players. Their appreciation of her comes through very powerfully in this piece.

So, as some 110 million people tune into the big game tomorrow night, let’s hope a bit of the message of the importance of giving comes across along with all the splashy ads and Patriots touchdowns!

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