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Legoland Highlights and Seven Tips for Your Visit

As the snow piled up last winter here in the Boston area, we plotted our first winter get-away in many years. For many families with elementary school age kids, Disney is the destination that draws them to Florida. But we … Continue reading

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Using Social Media to Deepen Our Experience

Sure, social media can make us distracted at times. But I’m convinced it helps me be more present and mindful of the world around me. On a recent morning I set out for a walk in a light snow. Not … Continue reading

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10 Ways to Instill a Love for Reading

What’s the second greatest gift we can give to our children? Thinking of Whitney’s sad passing this week, I’d certainly grant that love is the greatest gift of all. I can think of several contenders for the second greatest gift … Continue reading

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Post of the Week: An Adventure of Experiments

I’ve enjoyed chatting with Matthew Liberty on Google+ and Twitter. I believe I first connected with him around our shared interest in wine–he and his wife co-author the Hoot’n Annie blog. Yesterday I had a chance to hear more about … Continue reading

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Choosing Beauty And…

Our training wrapped up a bit early today, so as I drove home from Boston I contemplated what to do with the unanticipated extra hour or so I had available. Catch up on the day’s emails or run some errands, … Continue reading

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Life Lessons: Teaching Teamwork

Nope, this isn’t Super Bowl commentary. This Pats fan doesn’t want to talk about that! The other day B. & I were playing a game called “Poppin’ Puzzlers“. There are two sets of little shapes that you try to put … Continue reading

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Posts of the Week: Patriots Send a Super Message

Hmm, post of the week? Gotta tie it into the Super Bowl, with our local New England Patriots in the big game!  I’m a fan and will be pulling for the team, but I don’t have any great insight to … Continue reading

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Beyond the Shadow: Groundhog Day Resolution Check

Growing up in the Boston area, I never got the Groundhog Day concept.  Shadow or not, New Englanders know that we’re typically looking at six plus more weeks of wintry weather on February 2.  Weather-wise, it’s been a bizarre non-winter … Continue reading

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