Post of the Week: Job Searching, Socially

Post of the Week this time is a bit of a public service announcement. If you’re looking to hire someone with social media expertise, just Hire Dave Cutler and get it done!

As Dave explains over on his post, “Job Searching, Socially“, after losing his job at a large Boston company due to corporate downsizing, he has focused on honing his social media savvy. He’s been learning from some of the best, including Chris Brogan and Eric Andersen (first one to reach 15,000 Foursquare checkins among other milestones!).

There are several reasons I chose Dave for this weeks POTW shout-out. Dave shows in his blog post (and all that he is doing) that he is:

    1. A great example of what I like to call “open source learning”. He’s keen to gain knowledge, and takes us on his journey by sharing his learning via social media.
    2. Very creative! The Hire Dave Cutler sites is one example, but he kicked it up a notch by creating a Foursquare check-in venue dedicated to the search.
    3. Appreciative of the importance of balancing the power of social media and in-person relationship building.
    4. A fan of mac & cheese. OK, this may not be the top reason to Hire Dave Cutler, but it shows he’s got good taste! I first met Dave at a Mass. Innovation Night that featured some tasty Good Tastes mac & cheese; a tweet from Dave as I entered gave me the heads up that I needed to get myself some. Food is a great icebreaker!
Post of the Week is a regular Saturday feature of the blog, highlighting something I read recently that stood out. Check out past POTWs here.

About David

I'm a proud Dad and husband living in Woburn, MA, just north of Boston. I've created my Wordpress site as a place to put together and share my many diverse interests. These include my work at Social Capital Inc. (, my passion for good food & wine that I share at Cooking Chat (, poetry and photos (often inspired by the beautiful pond we live near), and my exploration of new places and ideas. In addition to those two websites above, here are other places you can find me online: Twitter: @socialcap (related to my work, most active handle), @davidbcrowley (general), @cookingchat @DC_Woburn (of local interest in & around my community, also what I use for FourSquare) Google+: David B. Crowley LindedIn: My profile Facebook: Email: davidbcrowley AT OK, I think that about covers it for now!
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3 Responses to Post of the Week: Job Searching, Socially

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  2. Dave Cutler says:

    Thanks for featuring me, David! Love the pub for Mac & Cheese!

    • David says:

      Your approach is so creative I’m happy to share about it. And it’s the least I can do for someone who helps me find good food!

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