Post of the Week: 16 People and Organizations Changing the World in 2012

There were a lot of good posts to read this week, with people reflecting on the past year and setting forth plans for the new year. I also found some helpful articles that will help enhance my effectiveness in the coming year, such as Alexendra Samuel’s “How to sustain a social media presence in 3 hours a week“. But Craig Newmark’s post, “16 People and Organizations Changing the World in 2012” had to get my top billing for the week.

Of course, it didn’t hurt that Craig kindly included me on the list, but I really enjoyed reading about other’s plans for making a difference in the coming year. Rabbi Josh Feigelson is going to focus on Asking Big Questions, a good place to start for making change! Claire Diaz Ortiz is planning to write a book on world changers, something to look forward to. I like what Surfrider CEO Jim Moriarity had to say, “A network becomes stronger, more valuable and more potent when it consistently learns from itself.” And here’s a quick link to My Plan for Social Good 2012.

If like me, you are ready to start focusing on the year ahead, Craig’s post on changing the world is a nice place to start!

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