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Pre-Sunrise Haiku

starting in the dark world yet to be graced by sun glimpse first fragile light

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Reflection on Foursquare & social networks

Passing thought: Foursquare point system seems to incentivize loyatly (Mayorships & repeat visit points) and exploration (extra for visiting new places). There seems to be a¬†parallel¬†one could draw with creating an effective social network. One derives different kinds of social … Continue reading

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Chatham Sunrise

I suspected there’d be a good sunrise this morning over the beach by the Chatham Bars Inn, so I set out early to enjoy and take come pictures. The colors were already starting to show as I headed to the … Continue reading

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Fall 2011 Highlights

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Gustare Oils & Vinegars

I’m often sampling wines late Saturday afternoon. But this Saturday, I found myself hustling down a back road from the Chatham Bars Inn to get to Gustare Oils & Vinegars before they closed. I’d exchanged Tweets with them a few … Continue reading

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launch into open waters course beyond my control jostled by choppy seas breath of tangy air glimpse of land not yet known waiting for arrival

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Sliver of Moonlight

sliver of moonlight reflected in cold still water night train rolling in

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I’m a proud Dad and husband living in Woburn, MA, just north of Boston. I’ve created this site as a place to put together and share my many diverse interests. These include my work at Social Capital Inc., my passion … Continue reading

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Why I Tweet…10,000 Times!

In the beginning, it was peer pressure that nudged me onto Twitter. I’d heard buzz about it, and my curiosity was piqued when I heard mention that many Members of Congress and commentators were Tweeting around that year’s State of … Continue reading

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